Procurement Xmas Wish #1

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Procurement Xmas Wish #1

At the end of the year, you are reviewing your budget and spending plan, right? We will all agree that if, in managing expenses, half of an organization’s operating budget is under procurement’s control, it means that procurement’s decisions in spending this money have big influence on organization’s sustainability.

Yes, we know – Procurement is more than just spending company’s money, but if other functions do not have a shared understanding of how Procurement is contributing to company goals and making their lives easier, we will miss the opportunity to create more value together. The way we view ourselves is usually very different from other’s perception.

So if we are not happy about the visibility and perception of Procurement, what will we do about it? Can we wait to be discovered?

It’s a perfect time to make our Procurement Xmas Wish list and switch our wishes into year-end goals for the next year. We can be proactive and do something differently! Develop strong relationship with other functional representatives – get engaged early in projects and contribute with ideas for improvements, run a training, set up regular meetings to keep everyone on track, prepare procurement newsletter, develop integrated procurement strategies, make a survey and collect feedback to optimize procurement processes… Don’t forget to build your capabilities – when we improve our skills set, we can better help our internal customers.

Finally, we all know that Procurement shall deliver the right Quality in the right Quantity to the right Place at the right Time for the right Price. If we do all that, why do we have a problem to promote our results to the right People?! Being shy is just a bad habit -ask for support from your higher management, prepare your data, analyze it, develop your value proposition and action plans (not only reports) and start building the TRUST. Who knows where the opportunities are, if not you?

If this doesn’t work, well… maybe Santa is coming to another town.

Or you decide to keep on working on #ProcurementXmasWish List 🙂

Wish you the best!

Renata Ivaštinović

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