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Why Nabava Plus?

We are Procurement experts with 20+ years of experience in establishing, organizing, developing and digitizing Procurement organizations in multinational companies. We help you to do the right things and save time and money.

We know how challenging is Procurement function. Each company is unique, each project is different, business goals are changing rapidly and procurement professionals are faced by demanding requirements.

Pragmatična rješenja

Pragmatic solutions

How many times have you said – “We need pragmatic solution in Procurement”?

By definition, “Pragmatic people are those who seek practical solutions which relate to immediate benefits and improvements.”

NABAVA PLUS is an additional member of your team that will help you to find practical solutions when you need them!

  • FLEXIBLE business models – your will get support that is more cost effective for you than employment model – you don’t pay the whole year for the costs of wages, taxes, surcharges, holidays, regressions, sickness. You don’t have to invest in table, chair, computer, laptop…
  • You engage us ONLY when you need us and FOR WHAT we agree. For a few hours, few days, for a shorter or longer period (i.e. 2-3 days/week), permanently or occasionally, you pay what you get.
  • We are professionals who, working in reputable corporations, have adopted high business and ethical standards. While you are focusing on your objectives and doing what you are best at, we are doing what we are best for!

How are we working?

Savjetovanje, transformacija nabave


  • Independent procurement consulting – digital projects
  • Consulting for improving Procurement efficiency
  • Consulting for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs
edukacije, treninzi, predavanja, konferencije, coaching


  • trainings, lectures, conferences, coaching


  • networking opportunities for business development. We are pleased to connect Procurement, Suppliers, Users and Management.
Outsourcing usluge

Outsourcing services

  • What is most important thing to you? Savings, Operations, Tenders, Man / Day? We offer project and interim management services / CPO-for-Rent / PM-for-Rent

How can we work together?

Nabava Plus Upoznavanje

Let’s connect

We are talking about your business vision, what is most troubling to you, what are your priorities.

Prijedlog suradnje

Proposal of cooperation

We discuss in more detail the model of cooperation, content, expectations, deadlines.



We prepare a cooperation agreement and sign it.

Bacamo se na posao

We get to work

We do our job, cooperate, agree and create.

Status projekta

Project status

We communicate and report on the progress.


We celebrate

Your success is our success – we look forward to it!