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T – Technology
O – Organization
P – Processes

Holistic, strategic and pragmatic approach to key areas. We will suggest a model for making your Procurement more efficient. We will align best practices and strategies with the business goals of your company. We are your guide on your transformation journey so you can experience how well is that working in practice.

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Tehnologija Digitalna transformacija Nabava Strategija


Which digital tools to select really depends on your needs. What is good for one company does not have to function in another. Combination of IT tools with inefficient processes will not solve your problem and it can potentially create a new one so you might need to invest extra time and money to solve it.

However, software implementation is a great opportunity to put your process in order.

A smart choice of tools in line with procurement processes speeds up and simplifies operational and routine transactions and reduces data collection costs. It also contributes to the motivation of procurement people who have more time for value added activities, like relationships with suppliers and new initiatives. Take a look at some SW solutions of our partners.


No matter how simple or complex is your Procurement, it still must be well organized to be efficient. In addition to the organizational structure, successful procurement performance requires the cooperation and communication of all the teams in the company. When we know in which direction is the company going, we can determine Procurement strategies and goals.

We know that changes and improvements are a necessary and continuous activity, but to what extent is your company ready for them?

The organization is made up of people. Business becomes global so for Procurement organization development we need to increase the employees capacities. New technologies and new business processes are requiring new skills from Procurement people. By improving, development planning and acknowledging results, you increase the chances to attract and retain talented people. The quality of their day-to-day operational performance has huge impact on successful implementation of your strategy and complete business of your company.

nove tehnologije Organizacija Nabava Strategija strateška nabava Software
Software Savjetovanje e-aukcija e-tender Procesi


they are crucial for Procurement efficiency. Simple and understandable procedures with clear  roles and responsibilities speed up the ordering processes and avoid unnecessary steps. This saves time, makes the planning process faster and increases user satisfaction.

We need to make processes easier and not complicate everyday work. Continuous improvements should be a part of our activities..

If your processes are not flexible enough and you spend more time investigating who, what, how and why to do something instead of solving real business issues, it’s time to contact us (link na kontakt obrazac).

Are you ready to transform your Procurement?

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