Outsourcing modeli, Projektni i interim management, CPO-for-Rent, PM-for-Rent

Outsourcing models

Project and Interim Management, CPO-for-Rent, PM-for-Rent

Flexible collaboration models reduce your fixed cost and this is one of the main reasons why more and more customers are choosing outsourcing. An additional advantage is an objective view of the situation and wide professional knowledge that external collaborator brings in the package. Outsourcing in Procurement is usually related to procurement management and linking between executive and operational functions.

We adapt the outsourcing options to your needs. We can work together for a few weeks or months in continuity or with breaks, a few days a month, or a certain number of hours per week. For example, by engaging 2-3 days a week in continuity over a longer period, you get a quality service at a much lower price compared to internal resources.