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Renata Ivaštinović, mag.oec.

I am consultant for procurement development. I have more than 20 years of experience in leading national and multinational corporations, mainly in leadership positions in Procurement. I worked in various industries – textile, cosmetic, oil, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, insurance and in the ministry on EU projects.

I am a member of the Croatian Association of Purchasing, have certification in EU projects, NLP, Wingwave.

A story about us – and maybe about you …

When I began to work, more than 20 years ago, company used computers rarely. I also wrote faxes on typing machine – the mechanical one.

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Seven years I spent more time in production facilities than at the office table. I learned how important it is to work with clients inside and outside the company, to understand their needs and to quickly react and solve their problems.

We help small, medium and big companies to develop skills, apply necessary tools, be more efficient in procurement and business.

Well, in the meantime, I got a computer too!

From that point on, I have always learned through practice! I joined the world of the world’s leading corporations, I set up organizations, trained teams and led them through transformations. I merged supply chain links. I introduced technological solutions for procurement and in various organizations I saw those which are not a solution, but a problem!

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I listened to what was troubling the higher management and internal clients and I continuously improved the processes so that they would not become more important than the results. I encouraged suppliers to actively participate in creation of solutions. I participated and led local and global projects with teams from America to Asia.

The door to the world best practice opened and, after so many times when I asked myself “why me” – I realized that I love Procurement.

We cooperate with consultants who are experts in their area of u expertize so we are able to offer you complete business solutions.

In 2014 I have established the foundations for my own career. As Freelancer I designed and implemented a project approach solution for the client – procurement processes improvement and procedures. A period of “interim” contracts followed in the total duration of about 2.5 years.

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I have include these experiences in the offer of the services I provide today – project outsourcing, interim management and CPO-for-Rent. Procurement transformation, implementation of effective technological solutions and development of Procurement profession are my focus.

How do you want this story to continue?

Now you know that I know what you are going through. And what is your story? Tell us more! Tell us where you want to go, and we’ll help you get there. Tell us what’s bothering you. We will help you to manage your challenges more easily and create the opportunities for Procurement of the future.

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