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Every company is buying and selling something. We are moving goods and services from suppliers to buyers. Supply chains are developing and they are no longer chains, but networks! It is a complex system of organizations, people, information, resources and relationships. In the modern business, everything and everone is connected: Procurement and Suppliers, Buyers and Customers, Products and Services, People and Information Technologies.


Innovative learning approach. Learn in an easy way and improve the efficiency of your Procurement! Our educations are different: two programs, e-learning, practice, exercies and application! Step by step, with helpful practical tools, you will achieve concrete results. The only question is – are you curious enough? Get more details and apply for your education today!
and apply for your education today!

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Procurement organizations will radically change. Digital platforms and technologies will
completely change the way most procurement organizations do their business.

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Digital platforms and tools develop new relationships with internal clients and suppliers, contributing to integration, operational efficiency of the processes and creation of added value.


New business models require new skills of Procurement managers. They will take the strategic role and expand supply chains into ecosystems.


Existing processes and procedures are reviewed and aligned in order to meet new expectations and deliver sustainable business results.

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