Do you want MORE from your Procurement?

Do you know what you spend all your money on and what is your annual spend? Do you purchase goods or services quickly and easily? How do you match procurement and other functions business objectives? Do you know who your suppliers are and how many of them do you work? How do you know that the suppliers you are working with are the best choice for you? Are you absolutely sure that you are making your business decisions based on relevant data and analysis? Are you using tools to make savings?

Do you know that your Procurement can help in discovering business opportunities?
Do you know how?

About you

You are…


  • You don’t have Procurement or you are just starting to organize it
  • You want to improve and transform the existing Procurement function


  • knows everything about your product or service, but have to fight for his place under the sun
  • wants to develop business with reliable business partners


  • understand that with skills development he creates opportunities for success in both, work and in private life
  • don’t know everything, but is ready to learn
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And maybe you …

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  • are jumping every day unprepared from meeting to meeting
  • do not know how much you spend on what, because you can not get reliable reports
  • are thinking in panic about what information you need because they are in 10 excel tables, 20 mails, 5 folders and on different papers
  • hardly breathe because you are overwhelmed with operational jobs, and everybody only come with problems
  • don’t currently have a person who could be dedicated to a project or procurement process
  • don’t have time to devote yourself to organization and Procurement improvements
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  • You do not even have time to sit down and think about from where to start and you’d like that all leave you alone.

Simply – you know that something is wrong

And so the days pass by …

And if you could change something?
Would you like …

  • Make decisions based on reliable data
  • Work faster, easier and with more fun
  • From potential opportunities create the real ones which will reduce costs and save your money
  • Turn business with partners into common successes
  • Master new skills which will bring you a competitive leverage in the market
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