Effective communication – let’s play the game!

Effective communication – let’s play the game! 960 720 nabavaplus

Effective communication –
let’s play the game!

Most jobs need good communicators and Procurement is one of such profession. Effective internal and external communications is crucial to Procurement success and yet for years, according to the surveys, is one of the biggest areas in need of improvement.

Many Procurement professionals find internal communication more difficult than negotiations with suppliers. Internal „US Vs. THEM“ communication often results with missing opportunities to share more creative ideas, understand how each product is used, identify where costs and profits lie and improve overall procurement process.

Still, how many of you in Procurement can say that you REALLY know what your stakeholder REALLY wants? Effective communication means that Procurement understands what product stakeholder needs, why it is important to him, how to make his life easier and how can they make a difference. Communication goes both ways and to be efficient, departments should share information and build collaborative relationship.

I consider myself so lucky to have worked as Procurement manager at some of the biggest global companies where I learned so much. I enjoy passing what I’ve learned. Here is a simple game we played during our communication skills training.

We were divided into groups of 4: technician, instructor, worker and observer. The technician has to build a construction from building blocks and explain to the instructor how he has made it. The instructor has to give directions to the worker who is waiting in another room. He has to build the construction based on instructor’s directions. At the end of the game the observer provides feedback on how each group member communicated and what is the result of such communication. Play, improve your communication skills and have fun!

Foto: Pixabay

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